Distinguish Yourself and Your Business through EAA

The Environmental Assessment Association (EAA) has been a leading organization for environmental professionals since 1992. Our Members are involved in assessment, testing, remediation and management, among other facets of the environmental industry.

For all designations except Affiliate Member, applicants must have formal education in the form of degree program coursework and/or continuing education, which may include:

  • Certification courses pertaining to environmental issues
  • Coursework completed through other organizations
  • Seminars on environmental issues

Applicants must have one or more years of extensive experience in environmental inspections, specialties or remediation. Submit your application today and become a recognized professional within our industry. EAA offers the following professional designations to qualified members:

CEI – Certified Environmental Inspector

The CEI performs Basic Environmental Inspections on residential and/or commercial properties. This includes the visual inspection of the property and possibly researching available environmental data to present a comprehensive report to the client. The CEI will understand a broad range of environmental issues at a basic level and have at least 1 to 3+ years related work experience.

CEM – Certified Environmental Manager

The CEM has supervised at least one or more people in the Environmental industry for at least 3 to 5 years with decision making authority. The CEM has a broad range of knowledge involving more complex environmental issues.

CES – Certified Environmental Specialist

The CES is an experienced Environmental Professional who can provide a wide range of environmental services. This may include environmental testing and the abatement and/or removal of hazardous material.

CEC – Certified Environmental Consultant

The CEC designation may be selected for those Environmental Professionals who have a broad range of knowledge and work experience involving a variety of environmental issues. The CEC is likely to be involved in reviewing work from the field, creating and producing written reports, consulting with clients, co-workers and management level decision makers.

CMI – Certified Mold Inspector

The CMI designation is for those who are certified in hands-on mold inspection procedures usually for residential and/or commercial properties. The CMI should operate in compliance and adhere to all City & State requirements and regulations.

CMS – Certified Mold Specialist

The CMS is an Environmental Professional who specializes in a wide range of mold contamination issues including, but not limited to, assessment, analysis and microbiology.

CTS – Certified Testing Specialist

The CTS designation is for Environmental Professionals who are in the field testing for environmental hazards, work with field samples, coordinate with laboratories and testing plants, then analyze written test results/reports.

CRS – Certified Remediation Specialist

The CRS is an Environmental Professional who provides a variety of services including, but not limited to: Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III. Remediation Services may include hazardous material handling, abatement and removal.

CAQS – Certified Air Quality Specialist

The CAQS designation is reserved for Members who conduct hands-on air quality testing. This may include, mold, radon, gases and other possible contamination issues. These professionals usually work with an independent laboratory to have the samples analyzed and assessed in a written report for their clients.

Affiliate Member

The Affiliate Member designation is reserved for professionals who work in the Environmental Industry or who have clients in the Industry and are interested in keeping up-to-date on the profession while not having the technical experience, or designations required for certification.


The “Retired” designation is to be used for Members who have had at least 5+ years of prior “active” EAA Membership and who have stopped conducting inspections and working with clients. These “Retired” professionals wish to receive industry updates and take advantage of the many benefits offered to our active Members.